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November 29, 2006 Show

The show was pre-empted by WBAI this week.


November 22, 2006 Show

We discussed Black Friday websites that list the store sales for the Friday after Thanksgiving well ahead of time. Best Buy didn't appreciate the publicity and made one of the web sites remove their ads. See and 

Michael likes a free alarm clock program called Kirby Alarm. Compared to Microsoft's Outlook: Kirby is free, Outlook is not, Kirby minimizes to the system tray, Outlook does not, Kirby runs on all versions of Windows, the latest versions of Outlook do not, Kirby is a simple small program, Outlook is a complex and big program, Outlook is only useful on one computer, Kirby is portable - you can copy it to a thumb drive and take it with you. Then plug the thumb drive into any Windows computer and run it.  
When an alarm goes off, Kirby Alarm can display a window with your message to yourself, just as Outlook does. In addition, it can play a sound of your choice, send an email message and run a program. The Windows scheduler can run programs too, but it does not run missed events. That is, if a program is scheduled to run at 7AM and the computer is not turned on them, the Windows scheduler will not run it when the computer is next turned on. Kirby Alarm does not throw away alarms, it tells you of those that occurred while the computer was off. 

Kirby Alarm is from Kirby Software, a one person company consisting of Ian Cook. Mr. Cook lives in Australia and called into the show.  You have to provide