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May 31, 2006  May 24, 2006  May 17, 2006  May 10, 2006  May 3, 2006 
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Just like last week: no fund raising but not heard over the air. Again we recorded a show in the studio which is available for you to download. No listener calls, just us. We discussed a handful of computer stories in the news this week. Among them: 

Windows Live OneCare just went live. Great name, huh. For $50 Microsoft gives you an anti-virus program that you can use on three different computers. Would you trust Microsoft? 

The price of LCD screens for TVs and computer monitors is falling and falling and falling . . .   


 May 24, 2006 Show AudioArchives   TOP 

Good news: no fund raising. Bad news: we were not heard on the air. But, we did record a show in the studio which is available for download. No listener calls, just us. 

Joe told about his experiences converting copy-protected WMA audio files, that he downloaded for free from the New York Public library, to another format. The software he used is Tune Bite. Quoting from their web site, Tune Bite "lets you record copy-protected music, audio books and video clips in WMA, M4P, AAC, M4B and MP4 formats by playing them and save them as unprotected MP3, OGG, WMA, WMV or MPEG4 files you can use anywhere!".  

Who plays computer games? More women than you might think. 

We discussed screen