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See the notes for the March 8th show. When we were pre-empted on March 8th we recorded a show in the studio and made it available for Podcasting and manual downloads. That show will be broadcast over the air on March 29th. 

The free registry cleaner mentioned on the show was Easy cleaner available at



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We discussed contrast ratios for flat panel LCD monitors and LCD televisions. In a nutshell, don't trust them. Alfred explained what the ratio is, why it's not very useful, how it's measured and why televisions always seem to have higher contrast ratios than flat panel monitors. 

Michael liked It is a free web browser plug-in that works with Internet Explorer and Firefox (no Opera and no Safari). It was released in beta form just three weeks ago and is expected to be finalized by this summer. 

Site Advisor adds a new button to the IE toolbar. In Firefox it uses a small portion of the status line at the bottom of the browser window. As you visit web sites, it advises you as to whether they are good or bad. Safe web sites are indicated in green, dangerous ones in red, and just like a traffic light, there are also yellow web sites