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Thousands of H-1B Workers Are Underpaid, GAO Reports by Deborah Rothberg in eWeek June 26, 2006

Our guest was Auri Rahimzadeh, author of "Hacking the PSP...Cool Hacks, Mods and Customization". PSP refers to the Sony Playstation Portable. His web site is www.hackingpsp.com and he gladly accepts email. 

A Play Station Portable starts at $200. Among it's pre-hacked features are: it can be an RSS reader, it can get online via WiFi wireless networks and it supports both the popular encryption schemes WEP and WPA. It comes with a full featured web browser, one that supports both JavaScript and Flash. A PSP can play DVD movies, but not on DVD discs, they have to be transferred to MPEG4 format on either a proprietary Sony cartridge or a Sony memory stick. Sony sells movies on their proprietary cartridges, but this market has not been very popular.  

The PSP runs a proprietary Operating System from Sony, but it's been hacked. Sony does not want "home brew" software written for their OS to run on the PSP, but there is much such software. Hackers have also succeeded in running Windows 95 and Linux on a PSP. Keep in mind though, the processor is from ARM running at abut 333Mhz, the screen is about 4 square inches, there is no keyboard for a PSP and it has only 32MB of ram. The ARM processor is also used by Pocket PC PDAs and by some Palm Pilots. 

Much of the add-on home-brew software is free, such as a WiFi sniffer. There is even a home brew version of Office. You can stream live TV from home to a PSP. Auri wrote a Shoutcast client for the PSP. 

In the not to distant future we will review Xandros, a new distribution (flavor, release, version) of Linux. What