July 2007 Show Summaries
July 25, 2007  July 18, 2007  July 11, 2007  July 4, 2007 
July 25, 2007 Show

Our listeners were generous with their contributions to WBAI the last couple weeks. We thank you. If you missed the fund raising drive, the station accepts donations at any time at www.wbai.org.

The week we caught up on a wide range of computer stories from the last few weeks, things we didn't get to because of the WBAI membership drive. Just Hank and Michael this time.

IDC released a survey that reported Apple is the third largest seller of computers in the US, behind HP and Dell. Microsoft recently released a bunch of patches (a.k.a. bug fixes) for Office 2004 for Mac OS X.

Many popular programs have had patches issued recently: Firefox, Quicktime, Flash and Java. The Quicktime patches are for both Windows and Mac OS X. To check if your installed version of these products, and others, is up to date we recommend the free Secunia Software Inspector - an online application available at www.secunia.com.

A listener emailed about running multiple anti-spyware programs. The rule is only run one anti-virus program that is constantly active. Likewise, only run one anti-spyware program that is constantly active. However, when it comes to scan-on-demand applications, you can, and perhaps should, have multiple such programs installed on your computer

Sunrocket went out of business without warning. Customers who paid for a year of service in advance, were out of luck. Michael felt that all the independant VOIP companies will have a hard time going forward.

AOL has had assorted legal problems relating to difficulties their users have had in canceling the service. They just settled with 48 states for three million dollars. Previously they had settled with New York and Florida. AOL continues to lose millions of customers as broadband replaces dial-up.

Dell has been overclocking some Intel processors. Microsoft is extending the warranty on their Xbox because so many are breaking. They have also allocated over a billion dollars to fix current machines. In addition, there are reports that the Xbox is scratching DVDs. There is another Sony laptop laptop battery recall. The PlayStation 3 is getting cheaper.

The IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad just had its 15th anniversary. Hank gave the specs for the first model. They've been black all this time. Both Hank and Michael are ThinkPad fans. All ThinkPads have a matte finish screen. Most laptop vendors sell both. Fujitsu sells only glossy screens