January 2007 Show Summaries
January 31, 2007  January 24, 2007  January 17, 2007  January 10, 2007  January 3, 2007
January 31, 2007 Show

Back on the air, for fund raising and more. Our guest was Dr. Rebecca Mercuri and our subject was electronic voting.

We mentioned the Secunia Software Inspector a great little program that reports whether the software installed on your computer is up to date or if it is vulnerable to known bugs (a.k.a. security holes, vulnerabilities). Both Hank and Michael thought their computers were up to date, but the Software Inspector found old versions of Flash on their machines. Secunia is a software security company. 

The Software Inspector runs online, you do not have to download it and install it. However, it is a Java applet, so unless you have Java installed on your computer, it won't run. How do you know if you have Java? Go to Michael's website www.javatester.org. Just having Java in not sufficient however, it must be version 1.5.0_06 of Java or later. Michael's Java Tester website reports the version of Java installed on your computer.

If you were looking for the podcast/mp3 version of this show, it went online two days late. We make three recordings of the show every week. There were technical problems with the first two of them. As Hank always says: backup, backup, backup.

Next week we will not be heard on the air as the WBAI fund raising drive enters its fourth and final week. We will however record a show at the station and will make the show available on our website and by Podcast sometime Wednesday night. It will not be a fund raising show. Among our topics will be Windows Vista (what else?). 


January 24, 2007 Show

This show was not heard over the air, we were pre-empted for WBAI fund raising. It was recorded January 17th. There were no listener phone calls.

Alfred reported on his trip to Consumer Electronics Show (CES). There was much discussion of TVs: Plasma, LCD, High Definition and wireless.

Beware when purchasing a security suite online from Symantec, McAfee or Microsoft. They all default to automatic renewals every year and after purchasing, you have to take an extra step to