February 2007 Show Summaries
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February 28, 2007 Show

Everyone was in the studio tonight as Alfred was in town. No one topic this week, instead we covered many small ones.

If you are running Windows 2000 you have to subscribe to bug fixes from Microsoft, for $4,000/year to get the patch for the new daylight savings time. Or, just set the time on your computer manually. Apple and Cisco settled their trademark lawsuit regarding the name "iPhone". Did Apple use the name, which Cisco owns, on purpose for the free publicity? Joe thinks so. Did Apple's lawyers figure Cisco wouldn't bother suing them? That they could get away with blatantly violating a trademark? Alfred thinks so.

CompUSA is closing over half its stores.

If you want a free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, the legitimate web site is www.annualcreditreport.com (877-322-8228). The Federal Trade Commission has been after consumerinfo.com for fraudulently advertising free credit reports and has fined them twice.

Last week we mentioned the Kerio firewall and said the cost was moderate. A listener set us straight - there is also a free version of the firewall, which is now owned and marketed by Sunbelt Software. Joe recommended the firewall, Michael did not. However, they agree that it is targeted at a more technical audience than the free version of ZoneAlarm. Also, the firewall is not compatible with Windows Vista (which all of us suggest avoiding). For more see www.sunbelt-software.com.

Another listener provided more information on the maximum amount of RAM that Windows can use. Last week Hank suggested buying a computer with a 64 bit processor because they can address more RAM that 32 bit machines which are limited to 4 GB. When Vista is run on a 64 bit processor, the maximum RAM is 8GB for Home Basic, 16 GB for Home Premium and 128 GB for the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

A free version of Windows? No way. Way. Hank discussed a new Operating System called ReactOS which is free, open source and works just like Windows. But it's not Windows, it was developed from scratch. Needless to say, this could be very big. The OS is now in Alpha testing, which means its very buggy. See www.reactos.com.&nb