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The Supreme Court ruled that Grokster and Streamcast (the company that makes Morpheus) could be sued for copyright infringement. Both companies make ad-supported file sharing software and the court ruled that to make their software widely used, they promoted its use for copying copyrighted material. Up to now, the RIAA had been suing individuals, now they and the movie companies can sue these file sharing companies since the main reason they promote the software is to steal copyrighted material. Note that Streamcast is not Streamload. We host the audio recordings of this show with Streamload. 

Microsoft issued an update rollup (a baby service pack) this week for Windows 2000. A Microsoft spokesman said they are not sure if it contains new bug fixes or is just a collection of old ones. The description of the update rollup says "...this update rollup contains several important non-security updates.". Windows 2000 users should download it.  

As of July 1st, Windows 2000 goes from mainstream support to extended support. The impact of this is that you will now have to pay for any non-security related bug fixes. 

The Supreme Court also ruled that cable TV companies no longer have to share their cables. In New York City, Earthlink uses Time Warner to provide their cable modem Internet service. DSL however, is required to be shared. 

Apple has cut the prices on some of their iPods. For example, a 60GB model was $450, it is now $400. The 1GB Shuffle model was $150, now its $130.

Apple released a new version (4.9) of iTunes which, for the first time, includes podcasting. The software has a directory of about 3,000 podcasts.