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July 20, 2005   July 13, 2005  July 6, 2005

 July 27, 2005 Show

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The show was pre-empted this week.

 July 20, 2005 Show

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About half the show was devoted to fund raising. There were no listener phone calls. We thank everyone who contributed to WBAI during the show. 

Due to fund raising at WBAI, the show is pre-empted next week. 

Alfred reviewed the book Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists by Barry J. Rosenberg. In a nutshell, he loved it. The publisher is Addison Wesley/Pearson Education. It is 318 pages and lists for $29.99. Amazon.com is now selling it for $19.79. 

Alfred also reviewed ExBoot, an external hard disk drive with a USB connection and backup software. Press a button on the ExBoot and it does an increment copy of the files on your computer (in English, this is copying just the files that changed since the last time you made a backup). The sexy thing about the ExBoot is that if your computer breaks to the point that Windows will not start up, you can boot from the ExBoot. Of course, your computer must be able to boot from a USB device. The vendor is AXIOMTEK and the street price for a 160GB model is about $200. If you have an extra hard disk lying around, you can buy an ExBoot with just the case and use your own disk with it. 


 July 13, 2005 Show