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Bringing you computer industry news, hardware and software reviews, guest interviews and news of User Group meetings for over 30 years, the Personal Computer Show is a three-time winner of the prestigious national Computer Press Awards.

Our co-hosts are Joe King, Hank Kee and David Perry. They talk tech for the first half hour, then we take listener phone calls. The call-in number in the new Brooklyn studio is 718-780-8888.

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The show will be pre-empted on July 20th for the Republican Convention
The show will be pre-empted on July 27th for the Democratic Convention
The show will be back August 3rd from 7pm to 9pm

Michael suggests Steve Gibson's Never10 utility to block the installation of Windows 10 onto PCs running Windows 7 or 8.

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How to continue getting free security updates for Windows XP -- until 2019
Windows XP users can hack their registry to get updates, but Microsoft warns them not to

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